Annoying Child Abuse Story

I'm an Indian female 19 now I was born in Canada my upbringing or I guess you could say my conditioning was strictly Indian you know the typical parents are always right yeah that was instilled in me like oxygen ever since I was a little kid my mother was an English teacher in a local high school and that's when she met my father well biological father Steve he was a charming guy she used to say he always had a bad-boy vibe coming from him and maybe that's what drew her to him my mother too was a very pretty young lady with brown eyes her face was long and heart shaped with a very faintly prominent jawline her long lashes were a perfect complement to her complexion these details are important because I have inherited the same facial features long story short my mother ended up getting married to Steve and she was 6 months pregnant with me when she discovered the horrific truth about him he was a chronic pothead and he heard several thousands of dollars to his dealer when he told my mother she was disgusted one because she was an Indian and we consider drugs as filth and two because well she was going to be a mother and with the father being so irresponsible she was terrified for the future my mother owned a car which Steve wanted to sell to get the money my mother was strictly against it because not only was it the only vehicle they had but also because she was on a very critical stage of her pregnancy she needed to attend her regular medical appointments to take the necessary injections and she couldn't afford to get admitted to the hospital so she to visit there every now and then and a pregnant woman she can only walk so much not seven miles at least but ..........

Child Abuse
he ended up selling it anyway my mother had to walk four miles every time she had to take her injections and he got even worse during her last month Steve became more and more violent with my mother it wasn't a big deal for her to get a few slaps out of nowhere or a few deep blue bruises around her jawline every now and then she didn't have anywhere else to go anyway all the money she had was now blown by Steve on his drugs and alcohol and he also lost his job I'll cut all the gross details of my mother's abuse out and I'll come to my part I was delivered in September in 1997 the worst part I was born in the Attic my mother had an infant to take care of now and her job was unstable plus her husband well he was just a very big helper for two [ __ ] years he tortured my mother he used to do things with her that you wouldn't even want your worst enemies to endure finally my mother filed for a divorce but due to her unstable job and economic conditions my custody went to my father he even went ahead to get a restraining order against her and trust me that really should never have happened and me well now I was his new victim I could tell you what he did to my mother because I went through the exact same torture I was four years old when he won me as he would say and my mother enjoyed him for 11 years I wasn't a normal child I was actually rather quiet I used to stay angry all the time I didn't want to talk to anyone I eat my lunch alone in the stairway but I was a straight-a student though because I had to study to keep myself busy I was a kid and I was totally oblivious to the terrible nature of what was happening to me moreover I was taught that adults they're always right no matter what so every time I used to get a beating I used to accept that it was my mistake and just let it be the teachers wondered about me at times I guess because I was often sent to the counselor I had deep bruises all over my body and the uniform could only hide so much I remember going days without having a grain of food and only sometimes I used to get his leftovers for the school lunch I used to pack two pieces of bread and for at least two years I survived on two pieces of bread a day after that well I started stealing money from him to get something to eat and I paired with his torturer for eight years before I finally ran away if you're wondering why he did these things to me well it was because I reminded him of my mother I still remember the night I had enough of him he was two thousand dollars short of his payment and had become a hawker addict too I used to stay in my room all the time but I could hear him and them but this night it was different he brought home some men who were all heavily dressed in black clothes they were huge and they had a very dark vibe coming from them my dad looked at me with disgust and ordered me to stay in my room until he comes out I offered them some water but I was hit right across my face and was told to burn in hell I went to my room and it sat on the ground with my calculus assignment that I had to submit tomorrow yes an abused child actually does have other worries I heard muffled whispers behind my door I wasn't too worried though it must have been my father but then the door flung open and a loud thud startled me to this day I remember the dead look in his eyes and the wild greedy eyes of his counterparts I was confused and rather scared I must say what happened papa I asked weakly my friends want to talk to you how old are you the tallest one asked twelve I said oh good for us he then licked his lip and looked at his friend I was beyond terrified now you're perfect for our fun for the night he said with lust all the color left my face as he used his eyes to look over my whole body I'm not even attractive I thought stupid I know he softly held my arm and began to speak but I jolted my arm free from him and I stood up against the wall scared he was drunk well all of them were but this guy he was angry too I was trembling with fear and soft sobs escaped my quivering lips I always remained scared of everyone but today it was different I was beyond terrified my heart was beating faster than usual he held my arm strongly and jerked me towards him you [ __ ] how dare you do that he spat as he hit me with his bare hand right across my face don't what I managed to say in between heavy and uncontrollable sobs I'll tell you what he shouted hand started opening his belt his fellows were grunting and laughing like animals please don't hurt me I begged and like I always did I apologized even though I didn't know what I had done wrong please don't hurt me I'm sorry Papa I won't do it again please ask him not to hurt me I swear I won't do it again the tall guy opened his belt and I thought that he was going to beat me with it like my father did had times my eyes grew wider and now the whole room was echoing with my sobs I begged him and kept apologizing to him I knew he was going to hurt me really badly so I held my arms up against my face I was unable to think straight so all I did was stand there and cry and after a few moments I did the most sensible thing I could think of I started shouting at the top of my lungs my vision became blurry as warm tears escaped my eyes what I saw next stays with me till this day he had his junkie and was stroking it while laughing along with the others it was a terrible laugh like that of a hyena I felt like throwing up I wanted to just make this all stop I just closed my eyes shut and kept crying that maniac though he was singing I cried out for my dad but he was there laughing and he didn't do anything my own father I was his blood I was his child my supposed superhero was there watching me cry with a laugh he was supposed to help me he was my father I looked at him and begged him to help me and all he said was that I deserved it the tall man held my hair and threw me on the ground I was raped for half an hour and these men they took turns my clothes and my body they were soaked in blood I was lying there naked cold in a ball waiting to get consumed into nothingness and my father he was just standing there watching me lose my innocence I was his little girl he was supposed to show me the world on his shoulders but instead he ruined it I laid there naked for an hour I guess I started feeling numb the happy faces of my friends with their parents started flashing before me why can't my father be like them I loved him I did everything he said I never even scored a B why after some time of laying there I guess they left I was alone but for the first time I actually felt lonely I wanted to move but all I could do was lay there after almost another whole hour of misery I decided to call someone I remembered my mother's number and before you ask why not call authorities I was hurt and I didn't trust anyone I wanted someone who was family and although I knew I might get into trouble for touching the phone I just wanted my mother I called my mother and I cried hard I told her everything and I asked her to come and help me she told me that she was coming to get me and after a few minutes I passed out I woke up in a hospital with a female police officer standing right next to me the officer had a beautiful face and her smile made me instantly feel at ease the doctor too was a very sweet lady I was admitted there by my mother who now lived with my grandparents she was sobbing sitting on my left side and looked at me with red eyes I was interrogated and asked the most horrific questions okay well the questions weren't but the answers they were long story short my father was arrested and was sent to jail along with his friends I was tested upon four semen samples and they matched it's been years and now that I've completed high school I'm a criminal psychology student my hands were shaking the whole time I typed this but B buster I want my story told not because I survived but because I want people to know that they're not alone there is hope I want people to take the step of escaping and calling for help which I didn't I want to prevent anything like this happening to someone else I want to save at least one person and to the mothers and during this torture I want them to go out for help and to the unfortunate victims I know it seems impossible to get over it but just know you're not alone I now work with an Indian non-government organization that helps the abused children and even work alongside State Police to help them arm ask these [ __ ] who ruin children there will be a link in the description for anyone who wants to seek help g'day mates it's be busty well 

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